Put your brain to the test with Yofi - An original, addictive, and simple word game where vocabulary, strategy, and patience merge.

With it's innovative gameplay, Yofi is unlike any word game you've played!

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How to Play

Drag letters one-by-one to a grid to form clusters of words. Earn points by "banking" high-valued words. Pass unwanted letters or replace ones already on the grid.

But be careful! Running out of space will spell t-r-o-u-b-l-e!

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Play at Your Own Pace

The average game length is about 5 minutes. Similar to Solitaire, there is no time limit.

Switch to different in-game language packs (including French and Spanish) to play and compete world-wide in different languages.

Special theme packs contain lists of bonus words. Earn 2x bonus by finding bonus words!

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Multiplayer Challenges

Take on your Facebook friends and the world in Yofi's "Daily Challenge" Every day, a new arrangement of letters is set for every player!

WI-FI MULTIPLAYER - Compete with up to 20 of your neighbors through Wifi - Multiplayer.

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